Multi-Year Housing Upgrade Plan™

Prioritize and plan community wide housing upgrades

Turn Housing Assessments into a Prioritized Plan to Repair and Upgrade Homes

Get a complete picture of housing conditions in your community, a detailed action plan to improve them, and help securing project funding.

Attract Skilled Tradespeople

Attract skilled trades by providing a robust plan for project execution

Cost Estimates for Upgrades

Get grounded cost estimates based on the realities of local construction logistics

Quantify Energy Savings Potential

Understand how much money could be saved on energy bills in each home

Identify Repairs & Maintenance Needs

Understand what work is needed in each home and how much it will cost to get it done

Take Advantage of Energy Rebate Programs

Maximize rebate money from all available programs

Local Jobs & Training Opportunities

Meaningful employment opportunities that build local construction capacity

Unlock Project Funding Opportunities

Leverage a project plan and budget to secure upgrade funding

A Snapshot of Current Housing Conditions

Understand housing conditions to prioritize upgrades and repairs

Take Action on Housing Repairs & Energy Upgrades

Our holistic approach to housing means our team collects construction and energy data to deliver an actionable plan to improve the whole home. Using this plan, and the individual housing reports, Nation leadership will be able to identify, prioritize, and implement housing and energy improvements, repairs, and renovations. Our proprietary housing assessment software, eethos™, organizes housing data to enable our construction and energy specialists to identify opportunities for repairs and energy saving measures, provide cost estimates, unlock funding, and chart a path to construction that empowers the community.

Using the data gathered through the Comprehensive Housing Assessments, our Multi Year Housing Upgrade Plan™ provides a Detailed Energy and Housing Assessment Report for each house. Results from the home assessments are analyzed and recommendations are developed considering the realities of each community. This includes the goals of the Nation, local resources, and industry best practices. Home details are run through an energy modeling software to estimate their current annual energy costs, recommended energy efficiency upgrades, and predict the energy savings associated with each recommendation.  

Individual housing assessment reports provide standardized recommendations based on the deficiencies and energy saving opportunities identified in each home. Along with a comprehensive list of recommendations and modelling results, each assessment report also provides an implementation cost estimate to aid in planning and budgeting.

The Multi-Year Housing Upgrade Plan™ is a custom-developed document to support community leadership in making decisions about moving forward with housing improvements. At the core of the plan are the summarized results of all assessed homes including total cost of needed upgrades, potential for energy savings, an Indigenous Housing Condition Index* (IHCI) score, urgency of repairs, and other factors the community deems valuable.

Recommendations for prioritizing homes for upgrade are also included in the report; these recommendations are developed considering community goals, building codes, available funding, and the severity of any health and safety hazards. Different potential approaches for prioritizing and completing the recommended work will be presented and discussed, including methods such as prioritization by home or prioritization by trade.

Finally, to help leadership take action on improving homes, we identify potential funding opportunities that enable communities too implement recommendations from the Detailed Energy and Housing Assessment Reports. The Multi-Year Housing Upgrade Plan™ is the foundation for taking action on housing improvements at scale.

*IHCI is a community specific housing score used to compare the condition of homes against each other. It is based on the total repair costs of a home relative to the functional replacement costs based on true construction costs and logistics for a community.

Our Expertise

Health & Safety Recommendations

Prioritized Action Planning

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Local Job Creation Strategies

Community Engagement

Prioritized Business Planning

GHG Analysis

Upgrade & Repair Pricing

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