Community Energy Action Plan™

A clear path forward to reduce energy costs and identify renewable energy opportunities

Develop an Energy Vision and Prioritize Energy Projects

A comprehensive action plan enables energy projects that deliver multiple community benefits

Understand Where Energy Gets Used and Wasted

Gain transparency into where energy is used and wasted in community

Cost Estimates for Upgrades

Get grounded cost estimates based on the realities of local construction logistics

Quantify Energy Savings Potential

Understand how much money could be saved on energy bills in each home

A Path to Reduce or Eliminate Diesel Power

Lower your dependence on diesel for power

Take Advantage of Energy Rebate Programs

Maximize rebate money from all available programs

Understand Renewable Energy Opportunities

Understand the feasibility of different sources of renewable energy

Unlock Project Funding Opportunities

Leverage a project plan and budget to secure upgrade funding

Prioritize & Plan Energy Projects

Prioritize investments that return the highest community benefits and returns

Take Action on Energy Projects

Since 2009, Community Power has worked collaboratively with more than 60 Indigenous Nation communities across BC and Alberta, delivering energy management services. We assess residential homes and civic buildings, identify specific energy efficiency opportunities, investigate the local feasibility of renewable energy systems, lead community outreach and engagement sessions, provide training and education recommendations, and secure funding to support our recommendations.

Our Community Energy Action Plan™ is our flagship community energy service that provides a clear path forward for communities looking to reduce energy costs and identify renewable energy opportunities. Our community energy team develops a community energy profile and works with leadership to co-create a vision for the future of energy in the community.

We start by gathering energy data to build an energy profile for the community that maps out existing energy sources and quantifies consumption of various fuels. Energy assessments on civic and residential buildings provide detailed energy savings opportunities and their associated costs, savings, and benefits. Space heating is often the highest energy consumer in communities, so we focus specifically on opportunities for heat savings and alternative heating systems that may reduce costs or provide more comfort for residents and building occupants.

We developed an action plan that prioritizes recommended energy projects, how to execute them, where to find the funding, and how we can help along the way. Our team prides itself on crafting a Community Energy Action Plan that drives action and leads to positive change for communities and residents.

Our Expertise

Energy Dashboards

Electrical Load Forecasting

Prioritized Action Planning

Renewable Energy Opportunities

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Community Energy Profiles

Community Visioning & Goal Setting

Community Engagement

Prioritized Business Planning

GHG Analysis

Upgrade & Repair Pricing

Energy Assessments

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