Our Vision

Every Indigenous home is safe, healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient

Our story

Community Power is a team of dedicated energy and housing specialists with a mission of reducing energy poverty and improving housing conditions in Indigenous communities. A division of Kambo Energy Group, a BC-based, family-owned social enterprise that specializes in energy and housing solutions for traditionally underserved communities, Community Power has over 14 years of experience working in partnership with First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities.

Community Power’s industry leading approach to improving housing was developed by combining decades of experience designing and delivering energy efficiency programs with decades of practical construction expertise. Leveraging knowledge from both areas, a pragmatic, yet scalable approach was developed to address the housing crisis too often seen in Indigenous homes and communities. Community Power has been invited into thousands of homes on reserve for housing assessments and energy projects, which provides our team with a unique perspective of the realities of delivering housing improvements in remote communities.

We are known for delivering actionable results that make a meaningful difference in the households and families we’re honored to work with. Our organizational culture is our competitive advantage because our people are exceedingly passionate, driven, empathetic, and focus on delivering progress over perfection. We get it done.

Over the past 14 years, Community Power has provided the following services to more than 60 Indigenous Nations:

Residential and commercial energy and housing assessments
Development of Multi-Year Housing Upgrade Plans
Construction Partnership Services
Community Energy Plan development and energy management support
Project proposal, funding, and financing application support
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A Path to Action™

Stemming from the realities of community life, our holistic and practical approach delivers projects that make a meaningful difference to community members. By leveraging the connections between energy, housing, construction, and maintenance, we create a Path to Action™ that is built on the understanding that everything in this world is interconnected and interdependent.


A multi-year housing upgrade plan is the foundation to unlock funding and implement community wide renovation projects. Based on comprehensive housing assessments and designed to move directly into construction, a comprehensive plan identifies exactly what work needs to be done in each home, how much it will cost, and how to get it done.


Quality, quality, quality. Our construction support team ensures high quality workmanship is delivered on every single project. Quality assurance, administration, inspections, and contractor selection services provide hands-on support to communities who need a few extra pairs of hands to get the job done.


Our proven approach to community energy planning identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes renewable energy projects alongside energy efficiency and conservation projects. Get real costs, practical advice, and unlock funding to implement the energy projects that will have the biggest impact to reduce bills and improve homes and buildings.


A robust approach to maintenance can double the lifetime of housing and ensure the health and safety of residents. Our approach to maintenance is simple, practical, and designed for independent communities.

Our Dedicated Team

Karim Abraham


Yasmin Abraham


Areef Abraham


Brittany Carroll

Senior Community Operations Manager

Vanessa Cinesi

Director of Partnerships and Growth

Tim McCormick

Construction and Housing Services Manger

Emma Gammans

Director, Marketing and Communications

Fernanda Soares

Senior Accountant

Richard Joseph

Energy Assessor

Tim Harris

Housing & Construction Specialist

Natasa Micovic

Energy Assessor & Analyst

Alec Wheeler

Partnership Operations Manager

Justin Hanchuk

Construction & Housing Specialist

Katrina Cote

Community Relationship & Funding Manager