Tsay Keh Dene Nation

Tsay Keh is a remote, off-grid community located in north-central British Columbia. With limited access to the electricity grid and natural gas networks, Tsay Keh Dene Nation’s leadership is committed to maximizing energy savings, fostering local empowerment, and realizing community energy goals. Diesel generators, operated by BC Hydro and partly subsidized by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, play an important role in Tsay Keh’s energy mix. The community has also relied on a mix of wood, electricity, and propane for heating.

In response to these conditions, the Nation articulated several energy goals and priorities, including addressing limited generator capacity so the community could continue building homes and deal with an ongoing housing shortage. Other priorities involved focusing on improving health and environmental impacts and developing a shared vision for the community.  

Since completing a Community Energy Plan (CEP) for Tsay Keh in 2018, Community Power has conducted 13 energy assessments, identified key actions to reduce energy consumption in the community, outlined estimated savings associated with each recommendation, calculated current and future energy baseload, facilitated community energy visioning and goal setting, identified community training opportunities, and put together an integrated multi-year implementation action plan. Community Power also provided training for the Nation’s Carpentry Training Program to help reinforce local capacity and position the community for long-term success.

With the community anticipating significant future growth, Community Power delivered six short-term forecast scenarios for 2018-2028. Working in collaboration with the Nation, Chu Cho Environmental LLP, and BC Hydro, the forecast scenarios assumed both high and low rates of growth. These forecasts were requested as part of an Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) negotiation process between BC Hydro and the Nation.  

Community Power remains connected to the Nation, with the next work phase focused on improving housing conditions in the community.

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