Construction Partnership Support

Bolster your construction team to deliver high quality, remote construction projects

Quality Quality Quality

Community housing improvements that last. Our partnership approach enables quality construction that delivers multiple outcomes.

Attract Skilled Tradespeople

Attract skilled trades by providing a robust plan for project execution

Peace of Mind

Know that your project is done to the highest standards with robust quality control and quality assurance practices

Stay on the Critical Path

Stay on time and on budget despite the demands of remote construction

Local Jobs & Training Opportunities

Meaningful employment opportunities that build local construction capacity

Lower Resident Utility Bills

Reduce energy costs by prioritizing energy upgrades during community renovation projects

More Durable Homes

Improve the durability of homes with materials and construction that matches the climate

More Comfortable Homes

Ensure homes are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer through building science best practices

Safer & Healthier Homes

Improve air quality, remediate mould, improve ventilation, and fix health and safety concerns

Remote construction projects done right

Our team understands the unique challenges associated with remote construction projects first hand and has decades of practical construction experience. It all starts with our Comprehensive Housing Assessments that provide critical insights into current housing conditions, including structural, accessibility, fire, and safety concerns. We also assess the energy efficiency of each home and identify opportunities for improvement.

Once assessments have been completed for each home, we work with the community to develop a prioritized plan for housing upgrades. Our Multi-Year Housing Upgrade Plan™ reflect communities' specific needs and goals and an action plan to get the job done.

With the foundational plan established, and support to secure project funding, we move into project design and setup to build out a construction team with the resources, skills, and capacity needed to get the job done. We establish project processes, guidelines, and workflows alongside cost tracking and budgeting methodologies. We connect leadership and housing teams with competent contractors and ensure high-quality materials are sourced and used appropriately. As we move into project delivery and construction, we ensure all stakeholders are informed, accountable, and valued throughout the construction process. We then act as construction managers to identify construction needs, manage active projects, embed quality assurance and quality control, and provide ongoing guidance and support.

By working with Community Power's construction team, we'll help you:

·       Create local jobs
·       Control budgets and timelines
·       Undertake stakeholder and funding reporting
·       Ensure high quality construction
·       Unlock funding
·       Engage with community members during construction

So that the homes in your community are:

·       Safer
·       Healthier
·       More comfortable
·       Energy efficient
·       Durable
·       More affordable

Our Expertise

Leverage decades of construction experience to get work done. Combine local knowledge with professional expertise to build and empower a capable construction team.

Rebate Program Administration

New Construction Planning

Construction Guidelines & Handbooks

Custom Housing Design

Code Compliance

Housing Design Guides

Stakeholder Management

Quality Assurance & Control

Materials Selection

Funder Reporting

Budget & Cost Tracking

Construction Management

Project Management

Tender Review & Vetting

Tender Preperation & Distribution

Local Job Creation Strategies

Community Engagement

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