Dzawada̱ʼenux̱w First Nation

Dzawada’enuxw Nation is located on the mainland and based alongside the Gwa’yi (Kingcome) River across from the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

In 2016, Community Power completed the first phase of an energy management initiative that focused on identifying energy saving opportunities for the Nation. After conducting comprehensive energy assessments in 36 community residences, Community Power installed energy monitoring devices on residential main and hot water circuits to develop an energy baseline. Data was collected from community households over the course of one year.  

To further support the Nation in achieving its energy and housing goals, Community Power completed a Multi-Year Housing Upgrade Plan (MYHUP) for Dzawada’enuxw. Beginning with 15 homes, Community Power’s trained assessors conducted comprehensive energy and housing assessments to evaluate homes' current conditions with respect to energy efficiency, comfort, health, and safety. Leveraging this data, Community Power completed Detailed Energy and Housing Assessment Reports for each home. Each assessment report includes a list of recommended upgrades and cost estimates to support planning and budgeting efforts. Expected energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions are also included. Upon completion of the first batch of homes, the same process was repeated for another 16 houses, then again for 14 more homes and four community buildings.

The information included in the MYHUP report provided the Nation’s housing team with an actionable plan to implement housing upgrades and renovations across the community. The Nation is currently implementing recommendations from the MYHUP report to improve the comfort, safety, efficiency, and durability of Dzawada’enuxw homes.

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Lucielle Puglas, Housing Coordinator
Dzawada̱ʼenux̱w First Nation
Community Power has been a great partner to help us find funding to plan energy projects and upgrade and improve our homes. They truly care about our community and it shows in their work.

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