Our Reconciliation Commitment

Community Power has been working with Indigenous communities since 2009. Our commitment to reconciliation shows up in the way we work as we strive to build respectful, collaborative, and lasting relationships with the communities we engage. We embrace the fact that our reconciliation journey entails a balance between learning and unlearning, as we collectively deepen our understanding of Indigenous history, cultures, and various contemporary issues.

Much of our work with Indigenous communities and organizations is done in partnership. We listen to communities’ needs and concerns, and work collaboratively to develop the right solutions. We don’t claim to have every answer. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved through open and respectful communication, collaboration, and partnership. While we bring forth years of expertise, we know that Indigenous leaders are best positioned to enable lasting change in their communities; we respect and invite their invaluable insights and knowledge.  

Our business practices also reflect our commitment to reconciliation. We incorporate Indigenous perspectives into our operations, involve Indigenous communities in decision-making processes, and acknowledge and respect Indigenous laws, customs, and traditions. We also invite external input to ensure that our employee training is culturally sensitive and relevant.

We know we have a lot to learn, but we believe that reconciliation is an ongoing journey and that it is essential to regularly assess and review our progress to identify areas for improvement. We continue to make reconciliation a priority and strive to demonstrate this commitment in everything we do.

hands of the community on a tree from the perspective of the trunk.